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Sent August 12 to State Employees:

Earlier this week, the Alameda County Superior Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) suspending the new furlough program that began in August 2010 pending an additional hearing on September 13, 2010.

DPA (the Department of Personnel Administration) filed an appeal of this suspension with the First District Court of Appeal on August 10, 2010 and an emergency petition seeking an order allowing the furloughs to go forward as planned.

As of today, the Court of Appeal has not yet ruled on the emergency petition and the TRO remains in place.  The timing of any decision by the Court of Appeal effectively prevents the State from being able to appeal and obtain a decision from the California Supreme Court before Friday.

Therefore, this Friday, August 13th will be a work day and State operations will be open this Friday.  In order to maintain consistency and to provide for simplified administration, this will apply to all bargaining units.

If the Court of Appeal decides that the furloughs can continue as planned, the first furlough day this month will be treated as a self-directed furlough day to be used in the August pay period.  If the Court of Appeal decides that furloughs cannot continue, we will seek review in the California Supreme Court.

We hope to have a decision from the Court of Appeal or California Supreme Court before the second scheduled furlough Friday (August 20, 2010).  We will continue to keep departments informed of any decisions that impact furloughs.

We do understand that there are many instances where employees have made arrangements to furlough on this Friday.

For this reason, if at all possible, departments are strongly encouraged to approve employee vacation requests for this Friday.  If the court decides that furloughs can continue, employees may then change the vacation time they used this Friday to furlough time off.


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  1. No end in sight of public employees being the punching bag for the right wing.

    Comment by Dave — 8.12.2010 @ 2:00 pm

  2. I think This country needs to look to the past to make the future.
    we need to come together as Americans as one people with one goal.
    we all need to start helping out fellow Americans yes that person is standing on the conner homeless with no money no food do you know what that American gave to this country in his life time you my owe him.
    If we do not come together as a family and start helping every American
    we must save our country!

    Comment by mike carpenter — 8.12.2010 @ 3:01 pm

  3. LOL! Ya gotta luv da bureaucracy, dontcha? Double-talk all the way. Well, this but for that or maybe sumpin else unless it changes at the last minit or next week! In autre foi, we dunt know nothin’ fer sure!

    Comment by Curmudgeon46 — 8.12.2010 @ 3:50 pm

  4. I feel for all of you that are facing fur-lo days but you still have a job
    you have to realize people have lost everything and since you are government employees you know this. people are on the street that just two months ago they had a home and payed bills and thought they were good people. Fast forward you are asked to cut back and Joe lost his job no more unemployment the credit card company smelled the blood and raised the rate with notice that came with the other notice your rate is being raised to 38% this is legal now, in the america i grew up in you would go to jail for twenty years for that and yet you as government employees said nothing now it has come home to roost what are we going to do about this?
    The thing is you say that will never be me 1938.
    You could ask your Governor why he is going forward with the Marine Life Protection Act Which the Fish and game Wardens Oppose because they can not enforce it The other thing is that they are not telling you this but it will do away with a lot of jobs that were state jobs Biologist will be hired from the OPC a Government agency but they will spend the money on Non Government organizations and there biologists because they were the one who put up the money to get the mlpas in place and the state will not have any employment costs except for enforcement. The public is being incur-aged to rat on there fellow human instead of saying did you no that that was illegal sounds like a recipe for disaster to ME.I am here to get their abalone And you stick your face in mine city meets country Hidden guns against wait let me get my rifle,Really were are we going. illegal abs do a year two do two…. simple i will turn them in.Fish them fair we have plenty unless they are expected phochers that they can not control (which i say they know who this is and are not telling the public who it is,but they know DFG)in fact i think it violates the endangered spices law i am a mammal go to jail if i kill an endangered spices so any mammal should.They are going to let a mammal take any shell fish it cares to under the mlpa which is going to cost the state 40 mil a year that could have been used to keep your job and mine and many others and we will lose our shell fish also is this not a great country were a otter will survive and people will suffer. people should count i am sorry.
    in fact they know the time line of lose of all resources from this poacher except it is against law but i feel they are compliant to the
    demise of our shell fish industry in Northern Cal.in the years to come
    i would say ten years from the data i have seen and they are takeing your job but saveing otters and costing all that depend on shell fish.Stop this they just spent about 40 mil om this.

    Comment by mike carpenter — 8.12.2010 @ 5:15 pm

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