Not Sure They’d Like The Plan Any Better Even If Fully Aired

California Taxpayers Association President Teresa Casazza Urges Legislature to Open Budget Process to Public Scrutiny

SACRAMENTO – California Taxpayers Association President Teresa Casazza issued the following statement today regarding the Legislature’s plan to vote on budget legislation that has not been made public:

“The Legislature plans to vote on a budget tomorrow, but the budget bills are not yet in print, details have not been provided to the public, and no public testimony will be heard. This process violates all principles of open government, and shuts out Californians from all political parties and all walks of life – the taxpayers, the media, those who receive government services, and the state employees who provide services.

“Lawmakers should not vote on any bill without providing language to the people and collecting public input, and they certainly shouldn’t use such a secretive process for the budget bill that will affect every man, woman and child in the state.

“A budget that is put together behind closed doors and rushed to a vote on the final day of the regular session does nothing to inspire public confidence in the state government.”

The California Taxpayers Association is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1926 to protect taxpayers from unnecessary taxes and to promote government efficiency.


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  1. watch out people insurance companies have bought the country now they can send you a notice of nonrenewal form for your homeowners
    insurance that you have paid for years now they just say you live in an area exposed to brush/fire hazard even though the fire dept. has given you the seal of approval.they make you pay for fire fighting on your property tax and then they take you insurance away i think even more likely if your going on 20 to-30 years because now you are a bigger risk to make a claim. so now you managed to hold on to your home your not getting foreclosed on but now they cancel you and now try and get new insurance if your house is not perfect even meeting building codes they put their own codes on you and it is legal because the have bought and paid for you law makers using our money. Wake up people you will now have the banks and the insurance company telling you what you must pay no matter weather you are a good credit risk or not just a warning take it for what it is worth.YES YOU WANT THESES POEPLE PASSING BUDGETS IN SECRET your america is going going is it gone or are you with us.They just keep making you pay and you have no choice but to pay it is the law.

    Comment by unbelivable is it not — 8.30.2010 @ 6:11 pm

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