Block on State Worker Furloughs Overturned by High Court

The California Supreme Court, which has consolidated three challenges to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s state worker furloughs, overturned an Alameda County judge’s restraining order on August 18 that had blocked further furloughs.

Schwarzenegger’s Press Secretary Aaron McLear said this:

“The result of the (high court’s) ruling today means that the furloughs will continue until the court says otherwise. Furloughs will continue as planned Friday the 20th, the 27th, and one additional floating furlough between now and the end of the month.”

In an effort to expedite resolution of the cases, the court has scheduled oral argument on whether a governor has the power to impose furloughs for September 8.

Under the supreme court’s rules, a written decision will be filed within 90 days of that date.


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  1. And the beat goes on. The party of No uber alles.

    Comment by Dave — 8.18.2010 @ 4:03 pm

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