August Already Shaping Up to be a Busy Month for Legislators

Despite lack of a budget two weeks into the new fiscal year, industrious lawmakers are already starting to fill the final month of the 2010 legislative session with activities – fundraising activities.

Lawmakers return from summer recess Monday, August 2 – unless some budget breakthrough occurs earlier – and adjourn August 31.

They have already scheduled 30 Sacramento fundraisers for the month. More are likely.

While the practice is not new and legislators have been criticized routinely for seeking campaign contributions when they are determining the fate of hundreds of bills affecting entities they are soliciting money from, the practice shows not signs of abating.

There are six candidate fundraisers scheduled for August 4, ranging from a high of $1,500-a-head to a low of $1,300.

Another four fundraisers are scheduled for Tuesday, August 10. The high is again $1,500; the low is $1,250.

So far the busiest day is Wednesday August 11 with 11 fundraisers. There are four breakfasts, three lunches and four cocktail receptions. Cost to attend all the events: $13,600.

The 18th is also shaping up to be a big day with five events already scheduled.


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  1. Budget, smudget, who care about a state budget when you can plan a festive breakfast at $1,500.00 a plate for cold scrambled eggs and cold bacon. Denny’s has to spend millions on advertising to get people to buy a $5.00 breakfast so the legislators pushing the budget aside is a cheap investment.

    Comment by Mangement Slug — 7.16.2010 @ 11:24 am

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