There’s a Key Senate Race June 22. One Candidate’s Views:


Dear friend,

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the attack ads targeting me. These misleading ads are funded by some of California’s biggest corporations, who have spent over $700,000 trying to buy this election on behalf of my opponent, Sam Blakeslee.

Corporate money is being funneled through PACs like JOBSPAC, whose major donors include big tobacco company Phillip Morris, big insurance company Anthem Blue Cross, and big oil company Chevron.

(Editor’s Note: JOBSPAC is the campaign committee of the California Chamber of Commerce.)

They’re using JOBSPAC to create a group called the “California Senior Advocates League,” which is really just a front for corporate interests, to attack me on the radio and TV. Other companies, like BP, have contributed money directly to Sam Blakeslee’s large campaign warchest.

If these big corporations are spending this much money against me, it means I’m doing something right.

I will represent the people of the 15th State Senate district in Sacramento, not these wealthy corporations. Now I need your help to fight back against these corporations and their misleading ads. Click here to watch my new TV ad fighting back. Will you donate $25, $50, $100 — or whatever you can afford — to help my campaign to bring change to California?

BP, Chevron, Exxon and the other oil companies know that I will continue to oppose offshore oil drilling and support our state’s policies supporting clean energy and green jobs.

Anthem Blue Cross knows that I will fully implement health care reform in a way that protects consumers from unfair insurance company practices.

Their attacks stretch the bounds of credibility. Despite what they say about me on the state budget, I’m proud of my record of fiscal discipline. In 2006 I helped produce the first balanced, on-time budget in six years, with bipartisan support.

In contrast to my opponent, my campaign is supported by people like you. I have over 800 individual donors to my campaign — Sam Blakeslee has only 85.

As we saw on June 8, people power can defeat corporate cash. I’m asking you now to do it again for the June 22 election. Help me get my message out on TV and fight back against the wealthy corporations and fight for the people of the 15th State Senate district by making a contribution to my campaign. If you can donate just $25, $50, $100 — or whatever you can afford — I can start responding to these attacks and tell the voters the truth.

Thank you for standing with me against these corporate attacks. With your help I’ll build a campaign that represents the people of this district, not just a few large corporations.

— John Laird

P.S.: The election is on June 22. If you vote by mail, please send in your absentee ballot right now! If you vote at a precinct, please make sure you vote on Tuesday — and let your family and friends know to vote! If you’d like to volunteer, please visit my website: http://www.lairdforsenate.com.


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