Jerry Brown Appeals to Donors Asking Them to “Match Meg”

Dear XXXX,

Last week, we challenged Meg Whitman not to repeat the Republican primary’s poisonous tone by agreeing to a series of constructive joint town-hall appearances — to put aside the marathon of negative TV ads and instead have a real conversation with Californians about the issues.

So far, it’s not looking promising.

Meg Whitman declined our invitation, and instead, sunk $20 million more of her personal wealth into the campaign — that’s over $90 million so far and the general election is just one week old!

We expect she’ll be doing the same throughout the campaign — as much as $20 million-per-month until the election. She’s trying to buy her way into office instead of having an honest discussion with Jerry and the voters.

Will you match Meg by pledging to donate just $20-per-month until November? While she’s going to rely on her huge wealth — we’ll be relying on you, our movement of grassroots supporters. Click here to pledge your $20 recurring donation:

To overcome our huge challenges and get California working again, we’re going to need more than just a new governor. We need a new approach to government and a new style of politics, as Jerry said in his speech last week:

“I have the preparation, the know-how, and the independence to challenge the status quo and get our legislators to work together as Californians first, not just members of the Democratic or Republican Parties. […] To get anything done, we need a profound change in the way our government operates. Whether in the campaign or in state government, it is time for an agenda of humility: living within our means and a decent measure of self-discipline. It is time for the politicians to grow up and face the fact that we are in crisis. The world has changed since our entire financial system hit the wall and almost collapsed. The path forward must now be built on honesty, frugality, and innovation.” We hoped Meg Whitman would join us in that goal, but it’s increasingly looking like she’d rather play politics-as-usual and depend on her expensive TV ads, than have a substantive, meaningful conversation about our path forward. For her, I guess it’s easier to just write a check.

While Meg keeps dumping $20 million here, $20 million there, Jerry needs your help to keep up. Can you pledge just $20 per month as a recurring donation?

Thanks for everything,

Steven Glazer
Campaign Manager
Jerry Brown for Governor

P.S. If you have not seen it yet, make sure to watch “Sarah Palin Attacks” — it has already been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.

(Editor’s Note: Using Monday, June 21 as a start date there are 20 weeks –and a few days — until the November election. At $20 per week times 20 weeks that’s a contribution of $400. If 10,000 donors do that Brown’s campaign would receive $4 million. If 100,000 Californians follow Glazer’s advice, that would be $40 million — less than half the $91 million Whitman has spent on her campaign thus far. To match Whitman’s spending to date Brown would need 227,500 persons to tithe the $20 for 20 weeks.)


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  1. He’s only asking for $20/month, he’ll never catch Meg on the money front.

    Comment by Jim — 6.17.2010 @ 10:36 am

  2. Points out, once again, the need for campaign finance reform — how many ways and how many times need it be said — LIMITS ON SPENDING! So it will no longer be relevant if a candidate has personal wealth or ties to corporate monies — Jeeez!!!~ this ain’t rocket science, people! Anybody interested in a government that has some resemblance to a Democracy??

    Comment by Sandy Carey — 6.17.2010 @ 11:13 am

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