Unemployment Rate Unchanged in April — Still 12.6 Percent

California’s Nonfarm Payroll Jobs Increase by 14,200

Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 12.6 Percent

SACRAMENTO – “California’s unemployment rate was unchanged at 12.6 percent in April, and nonfarm payroll jobs increased by 14,200 during the month, according to data released today by the California Employment Development Department from two separate surveys.

The U.S. unemployment rate increased to 9.9 percent in April.

In March, the state’s unemployment rate was 12.6 percent, and in April 2009, the unemployment rate was 11.0 percent. The unemployment rate is derived from a federal survey of 5,500 California households.

California has gained jobs in each of the first four months of 2010, with gains over the period totaling 56,400 jobs. Non-farm jobs in California totaled 13,866,000 in April, an increase of 14,200 over the month, according to a survey of businesses that is larger and less variable statistically (than the federal one).

The survey of 42,000 California businesses measures jobs in the economy. The year-over-year change — April 2009 to April 2010 — shows a decrease of 355,300 jobs, down 2.5 percent.”

This from GOP U.S. Sente candidate Carly Fiorina:

“While I’m glad to hear that our state’s economy added some jobs last month, today’s report still does not show the measurable improvement Californians were promised would come with the big-government economic stimulus plan Democrats like Barbara Boxer championed. Furthermore, the growth we’ve seen so far has been primarily in the government sector, not in private industry.

“Given these dismal statistics, people are more than just ‘grumpy.’ They’re calling for an Election Day revolt. Californians have had enough of a government that is out of reach and out of touch, and we’re calling for true leadership that will stand up for us in the U.S. Senate.

“It is clear that the road to recovery will be long. But it will be all the longer if Washington fails to pursue policies that encourage true job creation and economic growth by lowering taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations that restrict small businesses’ ability to flourish and succeed.”

And from GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“While I am encouraged that April marked the fourth consecutive month California has added jobs, we have a long way to go for employment to recover from this great recession. For that to happen we need to see vigorous hiring in the private sector, and that’s why I refused to propose new tax increases in my May Revision budget.

“Government needs to encourage private sector hiring, which will increase revenues and economic output, not discourage that hiring by increasing burdens on employers, which would stall our economic recovery.

“For proof, we need look no further than the announcement Tesla Motors made yesterday. Last year, the state enacted a tax exemption for Zero Emission Vehicle manufacturing equipment and eliminated a penalty imposed on corporations that added California employees, and now Tesla will ramp up its electric vehicle production at the Fremont NUMMI facility, action that could create more than 1,000 jobs in California.”


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