Is This a List of the Growth Industries of California’s Future?

A recent survey by the state Employment Development Department sought to determine how extensive the state’s green economy is.

Employers were asked how many employees performed various “green” jobs.

The list of jobs was extensive:

Soil and plant scientists, heating and air conditioning technicians, sustainable farmers, energy auditors, hazardous materials removers, recycling center operators mechanical engineers, insulation workers, sustainability planners, wind turbine technicians, biomass collectors, battery engineers, assemblers, alternative fuel vehicle technicians were a few of them.

As evidence of the broad nature of the clean tech economy, the preliminary results of the survey found that 12 percent of workers were reported under “Other Green job Titles.”

Among the write-ins:

Warehouse Recycling Manager

Environmental Health and Safety Managers

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Infrastructure Engineers

Fleet Manager, Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Battery Recyclers.

The state promises more detail in the final survey.


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  1. Always enjoyed a spinach souffle, being green is a good thing

    Comment by Martha — 5.11.2010 @ 7:02 pm

  2. I’m real tired of people taking credit for being green. I was green long before the subsidy-happy politicians began giving tax-dollars for anything green. What a ripoff. Must be someone’s legacy. I also speak for the GEICO goecko.

    Comment by kermit the frog — 5.12.2010 @ 8:33 am

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