(Editor’s Note:  In the May 25 post below — “It’s What Ducheny Said, Not What Senate Democrats Propose” — the apparently chronically inaccurate chief correspondent of California’s Capitol says Sen. Denise Ducheny is the “dean” of the Legislature. That is not true and the post has been modified accordingly.

As the term is commonly used, “dean” means the sitting lawmaker with the longest amount of state legislative experience. While Ducheny is in her 14th year — six in the Assembly and eight in the Senate — her tenure is eclipsed by that of Assemblyman Charles Calderon, a Montebello Democrat, who has 20 years of state legislative experience.

Calderon previously served in the Assembly from 1982 to 1990. He was elected to the Senate and served two four-year terms before being forced from the Legislature in 1998 by term limits. He was elected to an Assembly seat in 2006 where he is concluding his second two-year term.

While not the “dean” in terms of legislative longevity, Ducheny is indisputably the most knowledgeable lawmaker about the intricacies and interplay of the state budget.

However, this does not ameliorate the error, which California’s Capitol regrets, nor the creation of a second personnel file to contain the latest in the chief correspondent’s steady stream of reprimands.)


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