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(Editor’s Note: The on-line version of the Top 100 List has since been corrected.)

Capitol Weekly began running the first half of its annual Top 100 List of influential political players on April 15.

Among influential persons 51 to 100 is Number 90, Charles Munger. The write-up on Mr. Munger reads:

“Perhaps no one is causing more heart-ache for Speaker Nancy Pelosi than Charles Munger. The Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has made it his mission to take drawing Congressional districts out of the hands of the Legislature. He has dedicated millions to qualifying a measure for the November ballot to do just that. Congressional Democrats, fearing their incumbency threatened, have responded in kind with millions of their own.”

All of which no doubt is true except it is not the 86-year-old Omaha native and business partner of Warren Buffett who is bankrolling the reapportionment initiative. It’s his son, Dr. Charles T. Munger Jr., an experimental physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

Dr. Munger is the sponsor of the California Congressional Redistricting Initiative and, so far, has kicked in $2 million to the effort.

At $1 million, he was the largest individual backer of 2008’s Proposition 11, which created a redistricting commission to draw state legislative district boundary lines.

He also contributed $200,000 against the 2004 initiative to end the open primary in California.

Capitol Weekly regrets the error.

(Editor’s Note: Were this to have occurred at California’s Capitol, yet another reprimand would be shoehorned into the chief correspondent’s fairly obese personnel file.)


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  1. So the Munger with the hunger has the pellet with the poison, and the Munger with hair of blue has the influence that is true!?!

    Comment by Normal — 4.15.2010 @ 1:38 pm

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