Governor Schwarzenegger Comments on TechAmerica Survey

“News that California is the nation’s leader in high-tech jobs and wages comes as no surprise because our state’s tech-friendly policies and world class workforce create an environment ripe for high-tech success.

“But we must not stand still.

“We must work to ensure California remains Number One and that means continued investment in education because the high tech industry requires a well-educated workforce. That’s why my budget protects K-14 funding and boosts higher education funding and why I called for pension reform and a constitutional amendment in my state of the state to protect education funding over the long term. It also means smart tax policies, such as the singles sales factor corporate income tax that I fought for, to retain and attract high-tech businesses.”

(Editor’s Note: See post below for more information about TechAmerica’s state-by-state analysis of the high tech industry.)

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  1. So we cut pensions,give high tech companies tax breaks and build a well educated work force so Apple and HP can have commie countries build their goods. What am I missing…

    Comment by Wally Webgas — 4.28.2010 @ 10:26 am

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