Wouldn’t Resign my Senate Seat Either If It’s Not a Sure Thing

Statement from Senator Abel Maldonado Regarding Governor’s Withdrawal and Reappointment of Him to the Post of Lieutenant Governor

 “I’m humbled and thankful to my colleagues in the Senate for confirming me to the Lieutenant Governor’s office and very disappointed with yesterday’s show of extreme partisanship and politicking in the Assembly.” 

“The inability to come to a simple majority consensus on important issues is why Californians are rightfully disillusioned by Sacramento politics. I’ve said time and time again—I put the people first. The office of Lieutenant Governor is their office—it does not belong to Democrats or Republicans.  For this reason, I wholeheartedly support the rescinding of my nomination.  We must do the people’s work first. 

“I agree with the governor’s interpretation of the constitution, and furthermore, I agree that we cannot waste time and resources on a lawsuit sure to be brought by politicians trying to protect a seat they believe belongs to them. Our focus should be acting on the budget deficit and improving our economy.  

“So, it’s with the people in mind that I refuse to participate in what Democrats have promised to be a costly, wasteful lawsuit over their inability to act. 

“Let me be clear – I will not waste a dollar of tax payer money fighting the lawsuit Democrats are sure to bring to protect what they feel is their office. I also refuse to waste another minute of time that should be spent on the business of the people. It’s time to balance the budget and create jobs. 

“I’m honored to accept the Governor’s re-nomination and implore my colleagues to reject partisan influences as my colleagues in the Senate exemplified yesterday.”

(Editor’s Note: The 90-day confirmation clock starts running when Schwarzenegger files the paperwork resubmiting Maldonado’s name.)



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