The Ripple Effect of the Fiorina Campaign Strategem Grows

A Google search for “sheeplike synonym” at synonyms.net yields as the Number 1 related site: “Tom Campbell: U.S. Senate — Our Best Hope to Replace Sen. Boxer. GOP’s Best Bet in CA. Learn More.”

Number Two but trying harder is “Synonym” followed by “Synonyms and Antonyms.”

Finally, “More Farm Animals Please. Sign the Petition Today. Demand a Sequel to the Demon Sheep Video!”

Although sometimes “Designer Shearling Coats” comes up and the “New USA Feed System.”


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  1. Fiorina should get some used overalls, straw hat and go slop the pigs if she wants to do reruns of “Greenacres” or is she trying to be a sympathetic moneybag like “Beverly Hillbillies”? Either way she’s made herself the butt of humor down at the old barnyard.

    Campbell, on the other hand, seems unfazed. When asked if he thought Fiorina was trying to create a new cult, it is rumored he said,.. “that’s a Baal-full thought and that he preferred the people themselves mull it over with their morning sausage and eggs”. When asked to clarify his thoughts on this animalistic jab, he was heard to say that he…. “could respect most any religion that didn’t include ritualistic sacrifices and self-explosive devices”. Campaign aides seem to be well stocked with freely distributed copies of Animal Farm, a well- known children’s book written a long time ago….

    Comment by jchoffman — 2.10.2010 @ 7:05 am

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