(Editor’s Note: It is with sadness that management pens yet another correction stemming from the work of the chief correspondent of California’s Capitol. This latest foul-up occurred in a recent “Angry Man” post. While management extends a certain amount of latitude to the chief correspondent in this category, allowing the expression of opinion and a higher degree of what we call S&V — Sarcasm and Vitriol — facts should never be error.

This particular post from February 19 chided Senate Democrats for drafting a package of legislation that while claiming to create 140,000 jobs — the equivalent of 1 percent of the state’s current workforce — the package, in fact, created far less.

Cited as a example of this inflation of the legislation’s impact was SBX8 36 which orders the state Department of Transportation to list highway projects that can be awarded within 90 days after the state receives as much as $3.7 billion Congress has yet to approve.

The chief correspondent questioned whether finding fast ways to spend non-existent funds really creates 54,000 jobs, as the Senate Democrats’ website asserts.

A representative of Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat, tells California’s Capitol that those 54,000 jobs were not counted as part of the 140,000 total. While there is nothing on the Senate Democrats’ website saying that is the case, California’s Capitol has no reason to doubt the word of this redoubtable Senate staffer.

Additionally, in the last paragraph of the post, enacting federal tax conformity does not lead to the creation of 7,600 accountants, Steinberg’s representative says. It generates 7,600 construction jobs by creating a more favorable tax treatment of renewable energy projects thus encouraging greater construction of same in California.

We regret the errors and the valuable  time squandered writing yet another disciplinary letter to place in the chief correspondent’s already burgeoning personnel file.)

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