Bill Would Create New Office of Federal Funding Information

The following measure was introduced January 27 by Sen. Carol Liu, a Pasadena Democrat:

“SB 907, as introduced, Liu. Office of Federal Funding Information and Assistance: establishment.

   “Existing law establishes the Office of Planning and Research within the office of the Governor to, among other duties, assist the Governor and the Governor’s cabinet in long-range planning and research.

   “This bill would establish the Office of Federal Funding Information and Assistance within the Office of Planning and Research to increase the capacity of eligible entities in this state to successfully apply for federal funds. This bill would require the Office of Federal Funding Information and Assistance to submit an annual report on its activities to the Governor and the Legislature, and authorize it to seek federal funding, charge reasonable fees, and enter into specified partnerships to provide for the costs of performing its duties.

   Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.”

(Editor’s Note: In debating the necessity for this office, an opponent might note that, according to the governor’s California Economic Recovery Portal, California has been awarded $34.7 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds from the federal government, including a recent $2.3 billion for high-speed rail. All of these funds were obtained and processed without the aid of an Office of Federal Funding Information and Assistance. “Eligible entities” is not defined in the measure. But if the intent is to help these entities write better funding proposals or avail themselves of additional pots of federal money, there are any number of professional grant writers, consultants — to say nothing of the websites of the federal agencies dispensing the funds — that can be resources. Finally, possibly more significantly, the Office of Planning and Research is slated for elimination in the governor’s proposed budget.)



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