Senate Confirmation Hearing Scheduled For Maldonado

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has set a Rules Committee hearing to consider the Governor’s appointment of Abel Maldonado as Lieutenant Governor for Wednesday February 3rd at 1:30pm in room 113 of the State Capitol.


(Editor’s Note: Only one house need reject Maldonado’s appointment. Legislative manners would suggest that Maldonado’s fellow senators, if only as a courtesy, would vote in favor of his nomination, leaving the task of voting him down to the Assembly. Approval of his nomination in the upper house might also yield a few key votes on fiscal measures sought by Democrats. On the other hand, should Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat, wish to torpedo Maldonado’s nomination, it is less visible and less messy doing so in a hearing of a five-member committee than on the Senate floor.)



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  1. Let the games begin.

    Comment by Management Slug — 1.27.2010 @ 5:07 pm

  2. Assembly Dems are trying to box-in Abel on the T-Ridge Project when he votes as a member of the State Lands Commission. Maldonado needs to remind these Dems that their own president, Mr. Obama, suggested more nuclear and off-shore development during his State of the Union speech, much to the chagrin of Speaker Pelosi.

    Also, wouldn’t gaining a commitment on this vote in exchange for a confirmation vote constitute a quid pro quo?

    In reality, Abel will have a hard time in his own primary from the right-wing bomb throwers and the Dems will likely pick up a seat in the Senate. The state gets a little oil revenue and we get some new carbon molecules to burn. Not a bad deal.

    Comment by VoteCounter — 1.28.2010 @ 10:13 am

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