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Let’s face it. I don’t like asking you for money and you probably don’t either. But California is a big state and we need to stop the tax and spend policies of Barbara Boxer and her liberal colleagues in Washington.  Unlike DC insiders, I have always supported transparency, which is why I’m introducing a new way to donate to our cause!

Introducing ChuckBucks.net com/v/?u=bb67bde133040ce8ae5827369eba05e5&g=196&c=2667&p=18731b19f42fede2785acf4911f81d57&t=1> , a website where you can choose something to buy for the campaign. How much does it cost to print bumper stickers? How much does it cost to rent a car for a day? How many fast food meals can $28 buy when I’m on the road campaigning?  


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  1. Welcome back, Greg. Unfortunately, the thin air in the High Sierras must have killed some brain cells to return to your blog spot with this titillating piece of information. While you were gone, the state budget was signed, the health care battle rages in DC and a Black professor was hassled by some overzealous Boston cops. And your column first out of the box is about “Tow Buck Chuck?” Are you
    kidding me? I wasn’t born yesterday, Buster! You keep this up and I will have to demand equal time. Other than that, it’s nice in the nation’s Capitol but a little rainy.

    Comment by B. Boxer — 7.31.2009 @ 8:56 am

  2. …whoa…in a very obtuse,separate reality kind of way, I think you are right on Greg…

    Comment by Smokey's Gal — 7.31.2009 @ 9:10 am

  3. Geewhiz! What a really lame idea! Guess the rumor is true — there is reason to believe that there is a significant number of people who really are stupid and will actually fall for an gimic like this! Take the light away from the real problem and shine it in another direction and all the idiots will follow the light! Cripes, people, get with the program. This site is better than to print junk like this. If you want to get serious about getting back to the idea of a real representative democracy instead of the sham we are living in now, then get serious about REAL campaign finance reform — get the special interest, corporate money out of it. Get all big money out of it. These silly little schemes as demonstrated in today’s California’s Capitol are just that – silly little schemes!

    Comment by Sandy Carey — 7.31.2009 @ 10:20 am

  4. Your girls are telling you something. We love you but demand analysis. Back Country has made you too mellow. Kick your butt B

    Comment by barbara oc — 7.31.2009 @ 10:31 am

  5. Am I at Trader Joe’s or what…. Chuck bucks give me a break does it come with some cheap`Clarksburg grape juice? I’m exploring the Scottish Coast with your friend `joe Marshall and the best I get is Chuck Bucks. Nothing on the Hummer BUMMER, IOUS,the new special session on taxes, next you’ll be adding Thai food reviews… Oh I forgot.
    BTW, the boys at the R&A recommend the haddock and chips at the Jigger Inn.

    Comment by 2 over and it is not Par — 8.01.2009 @ 8:20 pm

  6. 2 over: It must be nice living on easy street hanging out with the Scotties. You should walk in my Keds for a while. I used to think being a member of SEIU was a big deal. Now I sit here in my living room on three Fridays a month staring at a faded purple t-shirt hanging on a nail in the wall. Hope you three-putt, alot.

    Comment by Furloughed and Frustrated — 8.03.2009 @ 8:41 am

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