Day 13: Fiscal Year 2009-2010


4:57 PM, Pacific Standard Time 


No deal was reached between the governor and the Legislature on closing an estimated $26 billion hole in the budget for the fiscal year that began July 1.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger released a 60-second television ad paid for with his political funds in which he reiterates his pledge to veto any budget proposal containing tax increases. The spending plan he approved in February which contained more than $12 billion in temporary tax increases.


The GOP governor held no meetings with legislative leaders.


The Senate and the Assembly scheduled floor sessions at noon, followed by committee hearings.


Bus drivers from public schools rallied at the Capitol, protesting part of the budget solution that siphons money away from school transportation. Yellow buses from districts as diverse as Natomas, Ft. Bragg, Vallejo, Santa Clara, Manteca, Kings Canyon, Ceres and Rocklin circled the Capitol.


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