A Travelogue And Fundraising Appeal from Chuck DeVore

Subject: How 3 dollars can save Chuck’s life

Just after the historic election of President Barack Obama, when hopes for advancing conservative principles appeared at their lowest point since the election of FDR in 1932, I decided to declare my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2010.  Since that day in mid-November, I have traveled the length and breadth of California, making 96 campaign stops, seeing 16,000 people, traveling some 13,000 miles, and gaining the support of more than 7,000 contributors.  I’ve also garnered the support of 58 percent of California’s Republican lawmakers, including Cong. Tom McClintock. Why put in all that effort for what everyone expects will be an uphill fight against Barbara Boxer, an entrenched politician who’s run for office since 1972 when Nixon was President and some of us were wearing polyester bellbottoms?  Well, the answer is simple: America, and California, deserve better. In addition to the inspiration I draw from my wife of 21 years, Diane, and our daughters, Jennie and Amy, Californians from every walk of life have encouraged me.  Their comments sustain me on the long road trips to every corner of the state: 

I will do whatever I can to help because you are the only republican in the Assembly who quit over the unlawful taxation that was just passed in our state budget! …we need more conservative republicans just like you in order to take our country back! I look forward to being a part of your campaign and helping you in any way I can! –JeriAnn E. I can’t wait for Boxer to be out! I am so fed up with “representatives” who don’t represent me, my values or interests at all! Let’s fight and fight to win! –Susan D. Thank you Chuck for being the most (and only) fearless conservative in the assembly and standing firm on your principles! You’ve got my vote! –Garrett M. Its time for real leadership! We need a leader to guide our state through these perilous times that is honest, down to earth, a straight shooter, has morals and something we haven’t seen in California in years – common sense ! It’s time for Barbara Boxer to pack up and leave. The man for the job is Chuck DeVore ! –Susan P. 

Finally a Conservative who makes sense! –Craig M.    

“Holding the front end bottom of my Dodge rental car that fell off with a great racket while driving westbound on Hwy 20 to speak at Ukiah. I had to remove it the rest of the way and throw it in the back — made it on time!”


Some of those road trips can get a little interesting.  In late May I drove 140 miles in my rental car to Redwood Valley to speak to the Ukiah Republican Women Federated.  Somewhere along Highway 20, the front end of the compact I was driving fell off.  A terrible racket ensued and thinking I had a flat, I pulled over.  I walked around the car and couldn’t find anything until I got down in what the U.S. Army calls a “front leaning rest position” and saw that the front cowling had come off and was being dragged along the pavement.  I tore off the black plastic cowling, threw it into the back of the car, and made it to the meeting on time.  Driving back to my Sacramento apartment into a strong headwind, the little car rattled like it was going to fall apart right in the middle of Highway 101.  Diane insisted that I not kill myself only six months into the campaign, so I pulled over to spend the night at a hotel.  Discretion being the better part of valor, I am now renting standard size cars for $3 a day more.

To see where we’ve been on the campaign trail, look at our map:


With seven months down we have a year to go to the Republican primary and I remain the sole official candidate in the race.  I pledge to you to work harder and smarter than my opponent and, if elected, to make you proud of your representative in the U.S. Senate. 

Make a donation today and help Chuck on his road to victory! 

Thank You,
 Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

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