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(Rather than replicate the model of Reuters which covers Sacramento from Bangalore, India, we note that the chief correspondent for California’s Capitol is en route to Tokyo where he will be through Friday June 12. While it is certainly the hope of management that he will share his impressions of one of the world’s great cities his personnel file contains a sorry history of repeated failure to follow management’s directives. Therefore, this warning.

We also note the death of a truly great Californian, labor leader Jack Henning. Like so many who have died recently, would that there were more like him rather than less.)

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  1. Jack Henning was truly a lion of his times. Jack fought the good fight for working men and women during really tough times for labor in California. Jack was truly a warrior for working people during times in San Francisco when there was a lot of risk and he never blinked or flinched from his efforts and dedication to his job.

    I had the honor and privilege of lobbying for state employees during the early 1980s and many times worked with him on issues relevant to our constituencies. I am the fortunate one for that. When Jack Henning spoke, the Lion roared, and the echos of his great accomplishments will be heard long after we are gone! Good rest to you my friend, you earned it.

    Steve Hardy

    Comment by Steve Hardy — 6.05.2009 @ 2:15 pm

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