Take This Cup, Senator. The Bathroom is Around the Corner

A fair number of Californians believe politicians should have their heads examined but Dorothy Cummings and Gary Ellis of Lake Arrowhead want state officeholders to have their blood and urine examined too.

Under a proposed initiative filed May 20 with the Attorney General’s office, on the first day of each legislative session state senators and Assembly members would be tested for the use of controlled substances and “the habitual use of alcohol” by the California Highway Patrol.

If a legislator tests positive or refuses to take the test they would not be allowed to serve until completing a substance abuse treatment program, at their own expense. There would be no salary or per diem paid until the program is completed.

After the treatment program, the legislator would be tested again. A positive test for controlled substances or “habitual use of alcohol” or refusal to take the second test would cause the lawmaker to permanently forfeit their office – “after being afforded notice and an opportunity to be heard.”

The only exception: lawmakers who test positive for marijuana whose use of it was “approved and recommended by a licensed physician.”

The initiative amends the Government Code, which requires the signatures of 433,971 voters to place it on the ballot. 



  1. So we would go from \\"ghost voting\\" to, um, well, never mind…

    Comment by Dan Richard — 5.22.2009 @ 12:11 pm

  2. Does that mean all the fundraisers morning eggs and hash browns? No more events at Dan’s wine bar?

    I for one think they could use a few evenings, out and about. This current legislature does have one good drunk among em. John Thurman, Bill Lancaster, hell even the current FPPC could put in a solid night
    and still make roll call in the morning…

    Comment by Wally Webgas — 5.22.2009 @ 4:37 pm

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