Hats Off to the Other Economic Stimulators

What a touching Disney-esque moment. Down-right heart-warming. Like living inside a Norman Rockwell painting.

Thousands — possibly tens of thousands — of American and non-American families brought their own economic stimulus plans to the nation’s capitol the weekend commencing April 10.

Compared to their generosity, the Lucas Family Economic Stimulus Plan (LFESP) was the equivalent of tossing a thimble of water into Lake Shasta.

Numerous hockey enthusiasts were present for the “Frozen Four,” the NCAA finals that saw Boston University take the title in overtime. It was the university’s first Number One since 1995 and first appearance in the final four since 1997.

The hockey team’s stellar performance did not elevate the university’s position in the pantheon of the Katherine Irene Lucas East Coast College World Tour (KILECCWT).

The LFESP continued its commitment to supporting the restaurant industry but was stymied when it came to the arts.

In Washington, most of the museums are free – the Smithsonian ones, for starters. They’re subsidized presumably by the Lucas Family and millions of other families who dutifully pay their taxes so America’s treasures can be shared, gratis, with the world.

No regrets. Taxpayer dollars have been spent on far worse investments, God knows.

Also attracting tourists was the tail-end of the Cherry Blossom Festival and the economic-downturn-let’s-do-a-scaled-back-why-not-D.C.?-vacation syndrome. 

The museums were crazy crowded over the April 11/12 weekend. Streets leading to the cherry blossoms, bumper-to-bumper. Seriously strong, economic stimulus.

Like World War II Liberty Bonds and Victory Gardens and all the other sacrifices and successes Americans have engaged in over the centuries to ensure the J-O-B gets done, its way gratifying to see so many citizens still willing to step up to stir up the economy.


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