Guest Post: The Very Possibly True Story of Nestle J. Frobish, Chair-Creature of the World Wide Fair Play for Frogs Committee


(Editor’s Note: This was e-mailed to the chief correspondent of California’s Capitol who, naturally, is on the East Coast and unavailable to be of any assistance — scant difference from when he is on this coast. The following guest post is presented here with minor, non-substantive edits to the introduction.)

Dear Friends of Jerry Waldie:

Jerry was my friend and client in the course of our mutual interest in frog when we published “Fair Play for Frogs.”

These two intereviews, best understood if listened to sequentially, tell the story of Jerry’s relationship with frogs — in his words and those of Nestle J. Frobish. They have both been played on many public radio stations and are excerpted below from my website. They are 29 minutes each.

Please note that (Former San Francisco Chronicle columnist Art) Hoppe is not Frobish, nor am I.


Barry Vogel, Esq., Host and Producer, Radio Curious

280 N. Oak, Ukiah, CA 95482

Frobish, Nestle J. – Fair Play For Frogs, Part 1.

Waldie, Jerome – Fair Play For Frogs, Part 2



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  1. I, too, believe The Chron misidentified Nestle J. Frobish as Art Hoppe. Much as “Hoppe” suggests frogs, the columnist had no affection for anything amphibious. In fact, he was known to gig bullfrogs on a whim. I have photos.

    Comment by Chris Bowman — 4.07.2009 @ 12:44 pm

  2. News of former Congressman Jerome D. Waldie’s death is a sad occasion. He made very substantial contributions to politics and governance in California and the nation. Except for the frog thing, Waldie was an exemplary politician, a title he would embrace, and to his credit he eventually saw the error of this way. In 2006, he signed an official declaration of abjuration denouncing his “animosity toward the humble frog” and asserting he would treat the humble frog henceforth with “humaneness, compassion, and fair play.” Later Worldwide Fair Play for Frogs Committee Chaircreature Nestle J. Frobish issued an official certificate of shriving that “gathered (Waldie) into the eleemosynary and refulgent company of frog lovers and decent people everywhere.” Barry Vogel is correct in stating that Art Hoppe is not Nestle J. Frobish. I had the privilege of meeting Chaircreature Frobish in 2008 and I assure all that he is still working on behalf of the genus Rana.

    Comment by Clyde Brown — 4.08.2009 @ 6:08 am

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