Tax Me, Please. Enough is Enough!

A Special Guest Editorial to California’s Capitol

By Gus Turdlock 

The hole is just getting bigger, now get rid of your shovels.   It’s time to get on with it. 

I pay a lot of money to the state each month in personal income taxes.  But I’m willing to pay more, assuming everyone joins me, to end this monumental standoff in the state Capitol. 

But, along the way, do some things to make sure this situation doesn’t happen again.  Or at least greatly reduce the chances of it occurring again. 

Look at history.  New state taxes were actually imposed on Californians during the Great Depression.  Republican Governors Reagan and Wilson increased taxes.   And we got by. 

What we are doing in scouring the budget for cuts ispitting programs against programs, groups against groups, Republicans against Democrats. The end result is that much of what made California what it istoday is threatened a sour the services that many of our residents depend on. 

This is just not the state Legislature’s problem.  Itis our problem.  And it’s time to deal with it.  Go ahead,make my day, tax me!

(Editor’s Note: As Mr. Turdlock points out, income tax was created in California during the Depression. It was also 15 percent at the time. The highest bracket is now 9.3 percent. Both the sales tax and bank and corporations taxes, the two other legs of the state’s revenue-stream stool, are also Depression babies.

(P.S. Looks like you may get your wish.)


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  1. well said

    Comment by barbara o'connor — 12.18.2008 @ 7:06 am

  2. I wonder if every Californian and I mean everyone were to pay at least $100.00 per year in taxes for all of the benefits they receive were we would be budget wise. It seems that the policy of taxing others to the point of them leaving the state or reducing their production is like killing the goose who lays the eggs.

    I work hard for my money to spend on my children and grand-children and currently pay approximately just 47% of my income in taxes both state and Federal. Folks at some point I refuse to pay more so therefore I will cut back on my earnings and then who is going to pay for all of the entitlement programs.
    Oh and by the way the great contribution to our state by the illegal immigrants is costing the taxpayers (the ones who really do pay taxes) millions if not billions of dollars each year.

    Comment by Paul — 12.19.2008 @ 1:49 pm

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