Obama with 305 Electoral Votes

So predicts former Assembly Speaker, mayor of San Francisco and master politician, Willie Brown. The Democratic presidential nominee takes Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and maybe even Arizona, Brown believes. Potentially North Carolina but not Florida.

Obama receives around 50 more electoral votes than Massachusetts Senator John Kerry did in 2004, Brown says. Kerry got 251. The magic number is 270. 

And, Brown adds, the size of the popular vote for Senator John McCain will be larger than people expect.

Bet accordingly.


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  1. Brown is the same guy that gave Jack Dugan $1 million for an assembly race AFTER he found out he hadn’t voted in several elections. But I hope Willie’s right. Should be one killer of an inaugural party.

    Comment by Gus Turdlock — 11.03.2008 @ 4:43 pm

  2. Even Karl Rove has Barack at 338. There really is no scenario under which he can get fewer than that – may get quite a bit more.

    Willie is funny. He patted himself on the back for his 8/18 column on “Colin Powell will endorse Obama” which was almost identical to what Bill Kristol had written on 8/15.

    Comment by RL — 11.03.2008 @ 8:19 pm

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