High School Exit Exam Question

Using the information below, please answer the following three questions: 

California has 120 legislators and 12 statewide officeholders. 

Despite legislative district lines drawn to protect incumbents, these public officials routinely host fund-raisers — events designed to solicit money to pay for the re-election of the elected official.   


1. How long would it take 132 state public officials to hold 29 fundraising events? 

2. Of the 29 events, how many are hosted by candidates who face a contested general election in November? 

3. If Johnny bought one ticket to each event, how much would Johnny spend?




1.  Two days: August 12 and 13. 

2.  Two. Democratic Assemblywoman Lois Wolk and GOP Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian. They’re running against each other.

3.   It would cost Johnny $38,200 to attend all 29 breakfasts, lunches, cocktail receptions and the baseball game scheduled for August 12 and August 13. Poor Johnny. He will need to spend all the coins he had saved in his Mason jar to buy a new iPhone.




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