Exclusive Democratic National Convention Coverage — By Frances Barbour

Editors’s Note: California’s Capitol’s embedded correspondent at the Democratic National Convention is Frances Barbour, age 9.  Her mom, Karen Skelton, is a Clinton delegate.  Frances’ first post:

I got off the plane around noon.  Lots of people were holding up signs saying, “Barack Obama for President.”  I could tell this was going to be a busy trip.


We signed up for our shuttle bus, waited for our luggage and then waited outside the terminal. For awhile. And awhile again.


On our bus, there were delegates from Portland Maine — not Oregon — Roseville, California and New York City.  One of the guys from Portland Maine had been to every convention since 1992, when he was four months old! He was interviewed that year as the youngest kid on the convention floor. 


(Editors Note: Curious as to the syllables invoked in his answers. The mother of California’s Capitol’s correspondent, Frances Barbour, has been to every Democratic national convention since 1984. The math suggests she was more than four months old at her initial foray. Returning to Frances’ post….)


His mom was talking about people trading pins and collecting pins.  She says that it is very important to collect pins at a national convention.


We got to the hotel, checked in and situated everything in our room.  We got sort of hungry so we went downstairs to get some lunch.  It was very good.  The only problem was we waited a half an hour for pizza and soup. It cost $35.00. That might explain why my mom only gave them a four dollar tip.






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  1. Francis-Loved you blog (get some pins for me)–Hi Karen, Judy and I will be in Tahoe on Friday for a week. Your Dad and Nerieda plan to come up for Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you sometime soon. Love, “Uncle” Ron

    Comment by Ron Johnson — 8.25.2008 @ 11:25 am

  2. Frances- great blog! keep up the good writing.


    Comment by Jeff Babrour — 8.07.2009 @ 7:58 pm

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