Congratulations Jean Fuller! — Winner of the Speaker’s Pool*

 mempic_fuller.jpgFreshman Assemblywoman Jean Fuller has plenty to be happy about after the results of the 2008 Speaker’s Pool were announced today. 

Fuller picked the winning square — Karen Bass in February — and pockets $45,000 in winnings. Although the pool’s originator is unknown, many sitting lawmakers participated anteing $500 per square. Use of campaign funds was permissible. 

California’s Capitol’s copy of the pool is less than ideal – the photos of the speaker candidates at the top are difficult to distinguish. 

From left to right, the candidates are Mike Feuer of Los Angeles, Alberto Torrico of Fremont, Fiona Maa of San Francisco, Kevin De Leon of Los Angeles,  Felipe Fuentes of Los Angeles, Ed Hernandez of Baldwin Park, Hector De La Torre of South Gate, Karen Bass and Mike Davis, both of Los Angeles. 

Assemblywoman Loni Hancock of Berkeley, GOP Sen. Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield, Assemblywoman Betty Karnette and Sen. Ron Calderon of Montebello — among others — all bet that a speaker would be elected in February; they just picked the wrong candidate. 

Hancock went with fellow East Bay lawmaker Torrico. Karnette took De Leon while Calderon picked De La Torre. Ashburn gambled on Maa

Concerns about Assemblywoman Nell Soto’s health may be exaggerated. She chose Hernandez in October.  

Among other lawmakers selecting Bass but the wrong month were Assemblyman Juan Arambula of Fresno , Sen.  Sheila Kuehl of Santa Monica, GOP Assemblyman Chuck Devore of Irvine, Sen. Ellen Corbett of San Leandro  and Assemblyman Chuck Calderon, himself a candidate for the speakership.

Fuller remains mum as to her plans for the winnings.

 View the actual pool: doc030408.pdf  



*The Speaker’s Pool exists only as the product of a cadre of Capitol pranksters. The author apologizes for any inadvertant anguish this posting may have caused Assemblywoman Fuller or her staff.

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  1. Speechless…

    Nice scoop.

    Comment by NoOneInParticular — 3.05.2008 @ 4:38 pm

  2. I can’t wait to hear the members participating in this explaining to the LA Times how this is an appropriate use of campaign funds.

    Comment by TruthSquad — 3.05.2008 @ 4:47 pm

  3. Now that you have exposed Fuller in such a spectacular fashion you owe her a spot in your pantheon of heroes at the top of the page. XOXO Bill

    Comment by Bill Leonard — 3.05.2008 @ 10:45 pm

  4. Ooh, it was a funny.

    Sad how it was so easily seen as not so.

    Shows how bad it’s become under the ThunderDome…

    Comment by NoOneInParticular — 3.06.2008 @ 8:09 am

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